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V4 Chip & adapter kit

V4 Chip & adapter kit
£ 150,00 each
V4 type

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The V4 kits are full, standalone items which are installed in the ECU.  The Everest has a maximum boost of 0.9 Bar. It also has reprogrammed boost control for much quicker delivery of boost than the standard ECU provides. This provides a peak power output of around 200bhp (so long as your engine has been well maintained).

The 1499 is a closed loop chip used in the US federal 49 states Elan and the S2. It can also be used, along with an oxygen sensor and, if you are unfortunate some wiring, to convert an SE to closed loop operation. This can substantially improve fuel economy if you have a thirsty car. It is not, however, a solution to a heavy right foot.