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Setup of EX switcher



The Ex unit forms part of the V5 kit.


EX remote

The Ex switcher is a remote unit that, in conjunction with an appropriate daughter board installed in the ECU, allows the program used by the ECU to be switched on the fly from within the car. The switcher front plate has an led digit display and two buttons; ‘+’ and ‘-‘.

General Use

The program is selected by using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons on the front of the unit. Program zero is a special case; it is selected by a combination of key presses and this is the mode from which setting changes are reached.

Mode zero

Mode zero is reached in a different way from the other programs:

1. Press and hold the ‘+’ button
2. While still depressing the ‘+’ button, press and release the ‘-‘ button
3. Release the ‘+’ button

Program 0 is selected when in this mode. If the ignition is switched off and on when the switcher is in mode 0 then the led display will remain unlit. Pressing the ‘+’ button will relight the display and select program 1.

Changing brightness level

The brightness level can be set as follows:

1. Follow the instructions above to enter mode zero
2. Press the ‘-‘ button. A ‘c’ should be displayed on the led.
3. Use the ‘+’ button to select a level (1 minimum to 5 maximum).
4. Press the ‘-‘ button to save the value selected.

Changing the maximum program allowed

The maximum program selection allowed can be altered as follows:

1. Follow the instructions above to enter mode zero repeatedly until a ‘.’ is displayed on the led
2. Select the maximum program number desired
3. Wait, without pressing any buttons. The value set will be saved after a fixed time has elapsed.