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How to choose

Checking your car's suitability

Read the requirements to ensure your car is suitable for the installation of a chip.

Finding your PROM id

Before you can choose a chip you must find out what PROM type is already in your car so you can purchase a compatible chip. Look at the vehicle identification number of the car, note the 13th character and consult the PROM id decoder here.

9929 or 9930?

If you have a 13th VIN digit of '1' and are unsure if the 9930 chip has been retrofitted then inspect the car's service history and see if it's mentioned there. If not then inspect the casing of the ECU (look at the installation instructions for details how to locate it) and look for evidence of any markings put there by a mechanic after replacement to show the work has been done. Failing those the only certain methods are by ElanScan, a Tech-1 (garage diagnostic tool) or opening up the ECU (again explained in the installation instructions) and checking the label on the MEMCAL directly. Most 'type 1' cars do not have the 9930 but around 10% do.

Choosing a mountain

The chips and upgrades are located in the 'Categories' section. Once you know what PROM id you need click on the subcategory to narrow the available items down to the ones you can use and read the descriptions. Its worth looking at the other content about the chips to get a feel of what they do and how they work. I'd suggest starting with a V4 as a first chip, you get 90% of the benefit with less erosion of the safety margin, no switching box to trail across the cabin and there is an upgrade path if you want to go to the V5 in the future.