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Requirements for a Successful Installation


Disclaimer - must be accepted to purchase

This modification is intended for track day use to increase the maximum boost and optimise the fuel mixture of the Lotus Elan. Installation and use are at your own risk. It is the owners responsibility to ensure that this modification meets any local legal requirements. Any modification that increases power makes mechanical failures more likely as engine/drivetrain stresses increase. I accept no responsibility for any failures caused by this upgrade.

If you do not accept this disclaimer then do not purchase or install the upgrade.


The following common modifications will affect the functionality of the chip:

1. Fuel Cut Defenser (FCD)

The Elan must not have an FCD installed (this includes the BBR upgrade). The FCD is a device that prevents fuel cut on overboost. If your Elan has a performance exhaust from Paul Matty Sportscars (they often insist on one being fitted to combat boost creep) or it has another performance modification that allows it to boost beyond 0.9bar then there is a good chance one is present. DO NOT FIT IF YOU ARE IN ANY DOUBT – CONSULT SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT TO LOOK FOR.

2. Manual Boost Controller (MBC)

Any MBC must be removed. It is usually a bleed valve in the pipe between the wastegate capsule and the BCFV. Sometimes one is installed in place of the BCFV. Either way the system should be restored to standard configuration BEFORE fitting the new chip.

Figure 1 BCFV plumbing
3. Sports exhaust fitted (greater than 2 inch diameter)

If you have a large bore exhaust fitted (>2" bore) and suffer with boost creep this upgrade will not cure it. However, if an MBC was employed then its removal may have corrected the issue. It is advisable to check the hoses to the BCFV for leaks thoroughly and to ensure unions are fully secured. Remember this line is pressurised under boost so the seals must be good. Test-drive the car to see if the creep has been resolved before fitting the chip. If boost increases beyond 0.95 bar then fuel cut will still occur with the chip and you should consider porting the wastegate, putting a constriction in the exhaust and whether its worthwhile installing the chip.

4. Blow-Off Valve

If a blow valve is fitted with a spring that vents with a boost pressure less than the maximum target level then this effectively limits the boost to its cracking point and you will not achieve the rated boost for the chip. Should this occur I would advise it is rectified quickly (preferably before chip installation) as the turbo will spin very rapidly in this state due to the low resistance in the intake and the high BCFV duty cycle applied by the ECU in an attempt to meet the target boost.

5. SuperChip

I have seen a couple of PROM dumps from SuperChips installations (which was subsequently successfully re-chipped with an Everest) - the modifications were to the MEMCAL alone and therefore presented no problem with this upgrade. Its possible other, different, installations exist so if you see anything inside the ECM that looks like a previous 'chipping' (compare the MEMCAL installation with the pictures in the instructions) let me know.

6. Upgraded Turbo

In principle this upgrade should work with a new turbo so long as the BCFV plumbing is laid out as in figure 1 and the target boost is no more than 0.9bar or so. It is possible some further table changes will be required. Contact me with details.

Engine condition

If you have a problem – this will probably make it worse. Any misfire will be worse and if your cylinder head gasket is on the way out the extra boost will finish it off. Only install if the car is running well.

  • Properly set timing is critical to realising the power gains
  • The higher pressure will exacerbate any ignition problems (coilpack/HT leads/plugs) and lead to misfiring
  • Because the pressure is increased in the induction system leaks can appear and mess up boost control - poorly secured pipes have been blown clean off!
  • The increased torque can take out your exhaust if its near the end of its life. Thank Lotus for putting a rigid exhaust on a mobile engine guaranteeing fatigue failures of the mounting bracket under the engine (gives an annoying rattle at around 4000RPM) and even the exhaust or frontpipe.


Please e.mail me.
A refund (excepting p&p) will be given if the upgrade is returned undamaged, for any reason, within a month of receipt.