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This modification is intended for track day use to increase the maximum boost of the Lotus Elan. Installation and use are at your own risk. It is the owners responsibility to ensure that this modification meets any local legal requirements. Any modification that increases power makes mechanical failures more likely as engine/drivetrain stresses increase. The changes to the ECU to boost performance have been made by a Elan owner with an interest in programming not a professional in engine management. I do not make the hardware and cannot control revisions that are made by the manufacturer. I accept no responsibility or liability for any failures caused by this upgrade. If you do not accept this disclaimer then do not purchase or install an upgrade.

The 2nd generation of hardware for the V5 kit caused failures of two ECUs  within a couple of weeks of fitting (only three had been purchased and installed) resulting in withdrawal of the kit. A change in the cable design was diagnosed as the probable cause and a return to the old design appears to have solved the problem. Several boards and switchers have been installed for some time (several months), following the return to the old cable design with no problems. I tested the latest setup in my own car for more than a year, also without issue, prior to returning the kit to the market (it is still fitted).