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Mountain enhanced boost chips for the Elan



In the Elan a solenoid valve is installed in the wastegate acuator's feed line the purpose of which is to control the boost. By varying the proportion of time the valve is open (the duty cycle) a controllable 'leak' is obtained. The 'leak' changes the maximum boost that can be achieved. Since the size of the leak can be controlled the boost achieved can be varied. The control is performed by the engine control unit (ECU). The ECU looks up a target boost, the value of which depends on engine RPM and throttle opening and it varies the duty cycle of the solenoid valve to meet the target.

In this upgrade the tables have been modified to allow higher boost values to be employed – up to 0.9 bar. Three boost maps are offered here.

The Chips

A few characteristics of the chip are different from the original. First and foremost the boost targets are higher.
Boost maps
The mountain programs' (and the standard) primary characteristics are listed here:

  • Stock Turbo Elan
    • Maximum programmed boost 0.65bar
    • Fuel cut limit 0.92bar
    • Boost pickup rate quite slow (boost lags behind target value under heavy throttle)
    • Nominal power 165bhp (flywheel)
  • Kilimanjaro
    • Maximum programmed boost 0.8bar
    • Fuel cut limit 0.96barEverest
    • Boost pickup rate enhanced
    • Dyno power 180bhp (flywheel estimated)
  • Everest
    • Maximum programmed boost 0.9bar
    • Fuel cut limit 0.98bar
    • Boost pickup rate enhanced
    • Dyno power 200bhp (flywheel estimated)
  • Elysium (only on switcher boards)
    • Maximum programmed boost 0.95bar (mid-range only 0.9bar at high revs)
    • Fuel cut limit 1bar
    • Boost pickup rate enhanced
    • Dyno power 200bhp (flywheel estimated)

The ECU solution leaves all the safety features enabled:

  • Boost is limited to 0.5bar when:
    • the coolant temperature is below 50°C
    • any fault code is set
  • The boost is progressively reduced if knock retardation exceeds 5°


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